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Cattleya Miltoniopsis Odontaglossum/Oncidium      
Paphiopedilum Phalaenopsis Phragmipedium Zygopetalum
Phalaenopsis enjoy a fairly warm climate. The ideal night temperature is 62-65 F. and daytime temperature range of 70-80 F. Since this temperature range is similar to that of many homes, it makes an ideal house plant.

Light & Shade
Light requirements for Phalaenopsis are fairly easy to attain. 1,000-1,500 footcandles seem to be the ideal intensity. If grown in a window-sill, an east exposure proves to be the best. One must take care not to burn the plant by allowing too much sunlight to shine directly on the plant. It is best to provide some shade, such as a sheer curtain, allowing a little more light to hit the plants from the beginning of December through the middle of February.

It is important to water your Phalaenopsis early in the morning. This insures complete water evaporation on the foliage as well as the crown by nightfall. Water the plant as it approaches dryness. Plants should never stand in water! Never allow water to sit in the crown of the plant overnight. Always water with tepid water.

Prior to fertilizing, water plant with clear tepid water. Dyna-Gro is the ideal brand to use as it provides all six of the macro nutrients and all essential trace minerals plants need to be healthy, grow and flower. Mix 1/2 tsp. of Dyna-Gro Grow with one gallon of water and use with every watering. To assist blooming, switch to the low nitrogen/high phosphorus Dyna-Gro Bloom formula or Mag-Pro supplement for the winter and/or pre-bloom periods.

Phalaenopsis are of a monopodial growth without any pseudobulbs to help store moisture. For this reason, it is important to provide good humidity, 50-70% is considered ideal. However, if the plant is kept well watered, it will adapt to a lower humidity.

After flowering, cut the stem 1" from the base of plant.

Because the Phalaenopsis is watered frequently, the potting material is usually ready for replacement once a year. Spring or fall is considered the best time to repot. Use a mix of large and some small coconut chips along with charcoal and spongerock.

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