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Miltonia / Miltoniopsis With their pleasant pale green foliage and cascading multi-spike habit, Miltonias are a wonderful addiction to any cool-growing collection. The great variety in color and patterns is truly amazing, from soft whites and yellows to pinks, lavenders, reds and dark hues tending almost to black. Blooms of four to five inches accross are not uncommon. Orchids of Los Osos Miltonias, well established and beyond healthy, are quickly changin the myth that Miltonias are difficult to grow and bloom.
Odontoglossum Alliance These Central and South American cool growing orchids and their intergeneric hybrids are a strong focus here at Orchids of Los Osos. Our unique micro-climate, excellent water and cultural practices produce plants and flowers of this and related genera that are second to none. After touring the Odont greenhouse one of our wholesale customers remarked, "The best grown commercial Odont collection I have ever seen." Likewise one of our mail order customers visiting from the midwest commented, "Not an unhealthy plant in the house."
Paphiopedilum Paphiopedilums, or slipper orchids to some, originate from the jungles of Southeast Asia and Indonesia. They are semi-terrestrial, growing in humus and other material on the forest floor, on cliffs in pockets, and occasionally in trees. They're easy to grow in the home, under lights, or in the greenhouse.
Selected Species These species represent a range of genera, and are mostly propagations or divisions of plants which have been with the nursery for many years. These healthy, well-established, blooming size plants are an excellent addition to any orchid collection.
Zygopetalum This terrestial genus found mainly in Brazil is a favorite here at Orchids of Los Osos. Tall spikes growing over the foliage present striking flowers with a wonderful contrast of color. No picture can convey their sweet fragrance. This wonderful orchid grows well for us with cymbidiums, liking the storng light and cool nights. No collection should be without these reliable winter bloomers.

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