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Cattleya Miltoniopsis Odontaglossum/Oncidium      
Paphiopedilum Phalaenopsis Phragmipedium Zygopetalum
Light & Shade
Miltoniopsis require a rather low amount of light (1,500-2,000 footcandles). If grown in the home, east or west exposure is recommended. A southern exposure can be tolerated if shielded from the sun.

Miltoniopsis should do well in the average home or intermediate greenhouse. A night temperature of 58-64 F. and a daytime temperature of 70-80 F. is considered best. They will tolerate higher or lower temperatures, but not for extended periods.

If you keep your Miltoniopsis well watered, humidity is not a critical factor. However, try to keep humidity above 50%.

Miltoniopsis like to be kept fairly moist with a slight drying between watering. Frequency of watering is affected by pot size and air flow: during warm dry weather this may be 2-3 times a week, during cool weather 1-2 times a week depending upon pot size and air flow. A sure sign of under watering would be the formation of accordion-pleated leaves. If this happens, increase watering slightly.

Prior to fertilizing, water plant with clear tepid water. Dyna-Gro is the ideal brand to use as it provides all six of the macro nutrients and all essential trace minerals plants need to be healthy, grow and flower. Mix 1/2 tsp. of Dyna-Gro Grow with one gallon of water and use with every watering. To assist blooming, switch to the low nitrogen/high phosphorus Dyna-Gro Bloom formula or Mag-Pro supplement for the winter and/or pre-bloom periods.

Miltoniopsis do well in a mix of medium coconut chips, charcoal and coarse spongerock. It is important that the pot drain well. Miltoniopsis like to be somewhat potbound so allow for only one year's growth. Repot each year in the spring.

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